• Yaddlezap Radio 2024 Playlists

    Nonpareil – 3/7/24

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    Loud Nigra (Reversed) – Mudbone
    Disparate Youth – Santigold
    2266 Cambridge (feat. Thes One) – Cut Chemist
    changing channels – various
    Ta-ra-ta-ta – Mina
    Summer – Vanilla
    Take On Me – A.I. Paul McCartney (a-ha)
    Living – EERA
    UFO speech – James Mosley
    Fear – The Ventures
    Equinoxe Pt. 8 (excerpt) – Jean-Michel Jarre
    Part 2:
    Game of Pricks – Guided By Voices
    Ark – Tape Runs Out
    Van den Budenmayer Concerto en mi mineur SBI 152 (1798) – Zbigniew Preisner (from The Double Life of Veronique)
    Recess – Justin Roberts
    Kulning (Ancient Herding Call) – Jonna Jinton
    Sahara – Hensonn
    Alone in my Yellow – Mandy More
    radio callout – Lynne Thigpen (from The Warriors)
    Walkin My Cat Named Dog – Norma Tanega
    14 – Water From Your Eyes
    Upsweep (Deep Sea Anomaly)
    Goodnight – Soyo Oka (from Sim City)

    Dying in the Afterlife – 4/20/24

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    Excerpt from Groundhog Day
    Something’s Coming – Barbara Streisand (Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim)
    Snap Your Fingers (Saab Promo)
    Someone Else’s CafĂ©/Doomscroller Tries To Relax – Dawes
    Holotropic Breathwork excerpt – YJ Tried It
    Expecta Ung Pauco – Peter Waldner (on the Apfelregal) (anonymous, 16th century)
    Combat Baby – Metric
    Do You Love Me? – Airto
    No Pomegranates! – Charles Cornell & Jane Martino
    One Day I’ll Show You I Really Love You – The Radiants
    You’re a God (excerpt) – Vertical Horizon
    32 Metronome Synchronization – irmins
    Tangisan Dalam Mimpi – Normah Johari
    Part 2:
    The Magician – Andy Shauf
    Epimores (excerpt) – Carter Scholz
    Mogadishu – baader meinhof
    Parachutes – Jon Mandarin (Udio AI)
    Hidden in the Current – Colleen
    Patrolling the Ether (excerpt) – irvingbleak
    sounds of lonely space music, Jupiter, & Saturn
    For Once in My Life – Lois Decker (Ron Miller & Orlando Murden)
    In Particular – Blonde Redhead