• Yaddlezap Radio 2023 Playlists

    Connecte! – 1/1/23

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    Title Theme from Jurassic Park (SNES) – Jon Dunn
    Israelites – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    Mountain Triceratops Trot from Jurassic Park (SNES) – Jon Dunn
    To Moiroloi Vathi (Excerpt) – Kitsos Harisiadis
    Ahhhh, These Chains! – Mid-Air Thief
    Großstadtgefühl (Edit) – Tyndall
    Light (Excerpt) – Shiho Yabuki
    Magpie – Caribou
    I Only Want to Be With You (Excerpt) – Dusty Springfield
    Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood
    Light (Different Excerpt) – Shiho Yabuki
    Silvertone 7016 Radio Sounds
    Einstein on the Beach (For an Eggman) (Excerpt) – Counting Crows
    Joie De Vivre – Serge Sauvage & Julia Heslop
    Part 2:
    Tili Tili Bom – R3 Music Box (Russian Traditional)
    MST3K Door Sequence
    Luv (sic.) pt 3 (Instrumental) – Nujabes
    Definition of Happiness – Alfred Hitchcock
    Sor’s Comet (Waxing) – The Crooked, Yet Fabulous Onion
    Du drømmer om sværdet – Røde Mor
    The Accursed Song of the Bearded Seal
    Age of Individualism (Excerpt) – TJ Hustler
    I’ll Kill You, Alligator Man! – Lon Chaney Jr.
    Ha Ya (Excerpt) – The Clark Sisters
    Bangin on a Trash Can (Excerpt) – Fred Newman
    Ore No Umi – Yasuaki Shimizu
    Pietro Germi – Haruomi Hosono
    Church Bells and other sounds
    J.L.T. (Excerpt) – T2