• Yaddlezap Radio 2021 Playlists

    Yaddlezap Radio 1/9/21

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Haunting Sound of the Carnyx – Dave Martel
    BistechA (from Hylics 2 Soundtrack) – Chuck Salamone
    I’m The Man That Will Find You – Connan Mockasin
    Felicia – Roberto Firpo
    Blue Too – John Tropea
    It’s A Fine Day (ATB Radio Edit) – Jane Lancaster/Opus III
    Speedo – Shooby Taylor
    The Moon (excerpt) – The Microphones
    Still You – Justine & The Victorian Punks
    Ban Ban – Joe Arroyo
    Stand Up Lazarus – Bruce Haack
    Interagency Language Roundtable clip
    I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Johnnie Ray
    Innocent and Vain (excerpt) – Nico
    Close (Midnight Version) – Roosevelt
    Wind Surf Ballad – Dominique Guiot
    It’s A Fine Day – Jane Lancaster

    Yaddlezap Radio 1/18/21

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    Voice of Lee de Forest
    Work Song – Bill Laswell
    Bitter was the Night – St. Martin’s School (Sydney Carter)
    Quiet 9 – Sheila Chandra
    Your Time Has Come – Spike
    Marabi – Augustus Pablo
    Beaver & Krause in 1971
    Touch – Eberhard Weber
    Summer in the City (excerpt) – The Lovin’ Spoonful
    Some Flowers – Albert Silver
    Man and Buffalo (excerpt) – Kammachon Band
    Part 2:
    That’s a Big Stick… – Chuck Salamone
    Wolves Howling, Monsters – Sault
    The Garbage Men – Hamilton Leithauser
    Heartland (excerpt) – Jar of Chicken Fat
    America the Landlord’s Dream – Mother Hen
    God Be So Good – Stone Luv
    Katamari Damacy excerpt
    Catherine Howard – Rick Wakeman
    He is my Faithful Heart – Fantish Bekele
    When You Are Just a Girl – D. Powell
    Part 3:
    Cha Cha Slide (excerpt) – DJ Casper
    Up in My Mind – Idy Lynn
    Tamati-So (Tomato Sauce) – Amajika
    Lo Importante Es Sentir – Lucy Villa
    Cornu de Pompeii – Abraham Cupeiro
    Selangit – Purnama Sultan
    Onism (excerpt) – John Koenig
    Dance All Around the World – Blerta
    I’ll Wait – Jade & Pepper
    Grace (excerpt) – S. Torossi & S. Brugnolini

    Yaddlezap Radio 3/8/21

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    The Voice of Enigma – Enigma
    The Men from S.C.E.P.T.E.R. Theme – Diplomats of Solid Sound
    Soon – Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Sunflower – St. John’s Wood
    Meshkalina – Paco Zambrano y su Combo Pepper’s
    Yetikimt Abeba – Roha Band
    Big Red Commercial Jingle – Peter Cofield & Ryan Devereaux
    excerpt from Mystic River
    Part 2:
    Beasts of Burgundy – Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Mare – Le Figlie del Vento
    Ooh Song (excerpt) – The Care Package
    Black Rainbows – Miracle Musical
    Wreckage (excerpt) – Christian Chevallier
    Door doing an impression of Miles Davis – Mr. King
    Acid Rain (excerpt) – Lorn
    Boops (Here to Go) – Sly & Robbie
    Part 3:
    Something Wicked (Pt. 2) – Squirrel Nut Zippers
    Mars – Gustav Holst
    1984 Chrysler LeBaron Electronic Voice Alerts
    El Fen – Ait Meslayene
    Morning – Duval Timothy
    Drip – Tigran Hamasyan
    Boogie Nights – Heatwave