• Yaddlezap Radio 2020 Playlists

    RE:Turn – 4/1/20

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1:
    Born Slippy (Excerpt) – Underworld
    Jibun ga Inai from Ghost in the Shell Arise Soundtrack – Cornelius (feat. Salyu)
    Dearly Departed (I Will Say Goodbye) – Unknown Artists
    No Fun – The Stooges
    Excerpt from Hitchcock Psycho Promo
    Begin Treasure Hunting (from Kirby Super Star Soundtrack) – Jun Ishikawa
    Crackerbox Palace – George Harrison
    Grand Guignol – Momus
    Answering Machine Jingle – Unknown Artist
    Lolita Hiroshima – An Luu
    Part 2:
    REALiTi – Grimes
    Sentimental Walk (from Diva Soundtrack) – Vladimir Cosma
    Hilos Dorados – Santi Vega
    Teenage Dirtbag (Excerpt) – Wheatus
    It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It (Excerpt) – Fun Boy Three
    Chances Are (Excerpt) – Johnny Mathis
    Born Slippy (Excerpt) – Underworld
    Cosmos Excerpt from Katamari Damacy
    Absoblume – Pogo
    Azan (w/ Kampala street ambience) – Mustafa Ozcan Gunesdogdu
    Romance Anonimo – Julio Calvo

    Vicissitudes – 5/2/20

    Part 1:
    Unknown Track – Unknown Artist
    Christmas – Jincheng Zhang
    Water, Ocean (Excerpt) from Parasite Soundtrack – Jung Jaeil
    Masterpiece – Gazebo
    Country Road (in Minor Key) (Excerpt) – John Denver
    Every 1’s a Winner – Hot Chocolate
    Unknown Track – Unknown Artist
    Evil Nigger (Excerpt) – Julius Eastman
    Part 2:
    Funky Sea from Cruis’n Exotica Soundtrack – Vince Pontarelli
    Dove (Excerpt) – Cymande
    Saturday Night on Saturn – Les Baxter
    Everybody Loves a Clown – Gary Lewis & the Playboys
    Strange Powers – The Magnetic Fields
    Mano Dharma ’74 (Excerpt) – Takehisa Kosugi
    Taj Mahal – Jorge Ben

    Voyage to Enceladus – 6/3/20

    Part 1:
    Star Trek: TOS Ambience
    Human Again – Jorja Chalmers
    Sensus – Sensus
    Cosmic Sounds (excerpt) – N’draman Blintch
    In the Kitchen – Umphrey’s McGee
    Googoosh – Pomegranates
    Part 2:
    Moonlight in Vermont – Dorothy Ashby
    Almost Blue – Chet Baker
    Lostyamind – Cookin Soul/Succulent Chinese Meal
    Rolling Sea – Joseph Spence
    Peace of Mind (excerpt) – Blue Cheer
    Multi-Love (excerpt) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Deep Night (excerpt) – Frank Comstock
    Bound – The Ponderosa Twins Plus One
    Badaouiah – Hany Mehanna

    Verily, Verily – 7/4/20

    Part 1:
    Look Sharp/Be Sharp March – Mahlon Merrick
    Sound of the Big Bang – John Cramer
    Our Love is Heavenly – Heavenly
    Elektra Pinball Machine
    Arabian Rock – Augustus Pablo
    Eso Que Tu Haces – Lido Pimienta
    There is a Happy Land – Andrew Young & Leonard Breedlove (from The Proposition Soundtrack)
    Part 2:
    Music,Music,Music – Teresa Brewer
    AI Generated Eminem – Jukebox
    Biz – ARTHUR
    Warlock Mary – TOBACCO
    Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland – The B52s
    Battle on the Ice (Excerpt) – Prokofiev (Russian State Symphony Orchestra & Stanislavsky Chorus)
    Life Goes On – The Kinks

    Pizza Dream – 8/15/20

    Part 1:
    Excerpt from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld: Soul Music
    That Little Sports Car (Excerpt) – The Shaggs
    Prim (Excerpt) – Evelyn Glinnie (by Askell Masson)
    ABCollection Film & Video Theme – Unknown
    Sounds from SNES – Heckscaper, The Return of the French Princes to Paris (Excerpt) – London Symphony Orchestra (by Thoinot Arbeau)
    By the Pool – Steve Hiett
    The Comet is Coming – Summon the Fire
    Doot Doot – Freur
    Voices in Sleep (Excerpt) – Ed Tomney
    Getting Ready (Excerpt) – Francis Monkman
    She – Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
    Part 2:
    Door – Caroline Polachek
    Ballade a Gemenos – Francis Rembert
    The Needle and the Spoon – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Safari (1984 Soviet Electro Rythmic Gymastics) (Excerpt) – V. Osinsky’s Ensemble
    Better Ways (Excerpt) – Trevor & Geoff Bastow
    A Cacophony of Whispers – Jon Mandarin
    Ochotnik (Excerpt) – Medeo
    Disco Dancer (Excerpt) – Kiki Gyan
    Spider – Mummies Lie
    Miss B.B. Walks Away – Steve Hiett
    Spellbinder – Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith

    Daylife – 9/20/20

    Part 1:
    Test Record for Setting Up Stereo Equipment
    Freedom of Choice – Devo
    Inchworm – Danny Kaye (Frank Loesser) (from Hans Christian Andersen soundtrack)
    Daylight Matters – Cate Le Bon
    Pillars of Creation – flashygoodness (from Tower of Heaven soundtrack)
    Happy Tibetan Girl – Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra
    Prank Call by Longmont Potion Castle
    Sí Señor (excerpt) – Control Machete
    Hypnotic Tango (excerpt) – My Mine
    Little Bitch (excerpt) – Spin
    Part 2:
    Aleister Crowley Ghost Box Session – Celebrity Ghost Chat
    Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space – Christina Vantzou
    The Skinny Toe (excerpts) – Robert Dryden
    Backwoods Altar – Tobacco
    Godzilla March for Band – Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra (Akira Ifukube)
    Class Historian – Broncho
    Boat to Nowhere (excerpt) – Anoushka Shankar
    Graduation Tune – Ronee Blakley
    New Direction Outro – Sugar Ray