• Yaddlezap Radio 2016 Playlists

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 1 A:
    THX Intro – Lucasfilm
    Door to Door – Delia Derbyshire
    Shimendoka – Haruomi Hosono
    Headfirst – HOME
    Caesar – Chris Wood & Robert Jarvis (on Pin-Barrel Harp)
    Feel You – Julia Holter
    Transverse Plane Vertical – Rachel Grimes
    Komamosi – The Harbours Band
    Part 1 B:
    Local, Girl – The Rhythm Method
    13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed – A Silver Mount Zion
    Golyarde’s Grounde – Canadian Brass (Malcolm Forsyth)
    11h30 – Danger
    We Meet Again – The Sapphires
    Space Lion (excerpt) – Yoko Kanno (from Cowboy Bebop soundtrack)
    Fossil of Flame/Fifty Bell-Trees – Haruomi Hosono

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 2 A:
    How a Watch Works (excerpt) – Jam Handy
    Their Kindness – Crystal Castles
    John and Mary – Jaco Pastorius
    Pimples and Braces – Ric Gary (Spike Jones)
    Mind, Drips – Neon Indian
    Jiu Kuang “The Drinking Song” – Yao Gongbai (on Chinese Guqin) (composed 300 A.D.)
    Stronger Than You – Sapphire (Sugar) (from Stephen Universe soundtrack)
    Holiday Camp – Blancmange
    Part 2 B:
    The Night – School of Seven Bells
    Third Movement: On the Dominant Divide from Grand Pianola Music – John Adams
    I Can’t Live Without You – Colin Blunstone
    Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant – Mort Garson

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 3 A:
    Wine Glasses – Pink Floyd (Household Objects Project)
    The Touch – Mitch Murder
    Magic – Yma Sumac
    Part Two (A Murmuration of Starlings) – Ray Lamontagne
    Pink Flamingos – Gary Blanchard
    I’m So Tired – Fugazi
    The Space Between – Joanna Brouk
    Part 3 B:
    All Around and Away We Go – Twin Sister
    NASA Radio Check (July 2011)
    Maha Mrityunjaya Stotram – Rishi Markandeya
    You’ve Got the Right Eye but You’re Peepin at the Wrong Keyhole – Bertha Idaho
    Introscan No. 2 – Paul Kass
    Wisps of Whorls – Kevin MacLeod

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 4 A:
    Forgotten (from Fez soundtrack) – Disasterpeace
    No-Eyed Girl – Lemon Demon
    Sewnetuwa – Hailu Mergia
    Jungle Drum – Emiliana Torrini
    Unknown – Unknown
    Maria Elena – Xavier Cugat
    Farandole – The Gentlemen Losers
    Part 4 B:
    Used To Be – Weyes Blood
    Photonos (excerpt) – Emerald Web
    Tengo La Voz – Nortec Collective
    Seven Gypsies – Stick in the Wheel
    Corporeal – Broadcast
    Libet’s Delay – The Caretaker

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 5 A:
    Opening – Aaron Jones (on 18th century piano) (Philip Glass)
    Ankle Injuries – Fujiya & Miyagi
    Oay Lahy É (O! Dear Friend) – Music of Madagascar (1930s)
    Odaiba Chase – Flashworx
    Lonely Satellite – Shintaro Sakamoto
    Song For When You Can’t Say I Love You – Rhett & Link
    The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man – Colin Stetson
    Part 5 B:
    New Beat – Toro y Moi
    Dance Espagnole No. 5 – The Israeli Mandolin Ensemble (Granados)
    The Mirror in the Attic – Disasterpeace
    Danses de Travers I, II, & III – Erik Satie
    Phife for Life – Otis McDonald
    County Line – Cass McCombs

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 6 A:
    Welcome to Feeling – Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop
    Ethereal – Hjaltalín
    Pica o Dedo – Africa Ritmos
    Hikikomori – Zola Jesus
    Jaaneman Jaaneman – Charanjit Singh
    Part 6 B:
    My Little Rooster – Almeda Riddle
    Mad Ocean – Daughn Gibson
    Introduction: Passacaglia and Fugue for The Golden Flower – Dušan Bogdanović
    Rated G – The Web
    Symphony No. 1, 2nd Movement – Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Mahler)
    Tryst with Mephistopheles – Owen Pallett

    Track/Excerpt listing in order of appearance:
    Part 7:
    Self-Esteem Fund (from Portal soundtrack) – Kelly Bailey
    Ballad of Sparrow Young – The Gentlemen Losers
    Foldin’ Bed – Whistler’s Jug Band
    Unless – Bullion
    Venus 2038 – Rock Revival
    El Nacimiento del Charango – Inca Taki
    SkyTower 2032 (excerpt) – Metallic Ghosts