• 3 Questions – 6/24/17 – Ambidextrous Ostrich Egg Food Fight

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve noticed that I’ll typically have any number of questions pop in my mind (whether bizarrely trivial or intriguingly pertinent) that I immediately scour Google for answers on. I’ll try to share three of them each month here for you as well as links to answers, pictures, or videos!


    Q: What’s it like to cook and eat an ostrich egg?

    A: Looks like it’s not that much different than a scaled-up chicken egg (equivalent to 24 of them). Here’s a video of someone making an omeletteĀ  and of someone frying the egg whole. Which sparks a new question: how about the egg of the Ruffle-Necked Sala-ma-goox?…


    Q: How beneficial is training yourself to be ambidextrous?

    A: The jury’s still out on whether forcibly making yourself ambidextrous is beneficial to your overall mental health, but as you might suspect, it can be done. It’s probably safe to say it’s at least of some benefit to playing an instrument or video games or other things that require dexterity in both hands, but as to whether the change complements your general cognition, reasoning, or creativity, it’s hard to get a definitive answer on that. This reddit thread sums up one’s online search on the matter.

    And here’s a link if you’re interested in exploring this for yourself (and then could you call yourself a dextronaut?)


    Q: Are spontaneous food fights a myth?

    A: We’ve all seen food and pie fights break out in TV shows and movies, but have you ever witnessed or been a part of one yourself? And I don’t mean one between your sibling or one that was intentionally orchestrated like La Tomatina in Spain. Like most things that might appear legendary, they usually have at least some of their basis in fact…but spontaneous, mass food fights are definitely real. Here is one instance where 29 students were suspended for taking part in one and another where 25 Chicago students were arrested and jailed (apparently they don’t show that sort of aftermath on the Disney channel). But this one‘s gotta take the cake…but then again, when Taiwan’s parliament is involved, who should be surprised?