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    Both you and Dakota enjoy a diet based mainly in baby food and its many yellow-fruit varieties, with the baby sometimes partaking of your milk when you can manage to lactate. The baby hardly ever makes a peep, except when it’s giggling or when it wants to show its good taste in music by softly cooing whenever something like a Schubert sonata or a Chopin ballade comes on the radio.

    So far in your resumed quest, you’ve made it back to open plains, however this can spell trouble when there are grey skies in all directions and the wind’s picking up. A rock hits your windshield, two rocks, a tree branch, then hail begins to hit the right side of your vehicle. Dakota is sleeping and remains unaffected by the gale of debris.

    “What is it I’m supposed to do? Throw myself in a ditch if I see a tornado?”

    You look around for a ditch deep enough, but there’s none to be found and it would be silly to get out of the car right now. Then you do see a tornado, like a Greek Titan of nature or maybe the Tazmanian Devil and the Chrysler Building rolled into one, coming toward you in your rear-view mirror.


    Speed up and try to outrace the twister to page 49!

    Or slow down and maybe the tornado will pass over you on page 203.


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