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    After driving closer towards the Missouri River, your gas tank needs to be refilled. You conjecture that such a grueling pace shouldn’t be maintained for much longer as you wait beside the pump.

    “Maybe I should stock up on some provisions; I could be travelling for a while,” you advise yourself as you crave a bag of Original Boston Baked Beans from the Casey’s General Store station.“It’s probably a good idea to switch vehicles if I can,” you think as you’re filling your trunk with bags of Jalapeno Cheddar Combos and bottles of Perrier sparkling water that were marked half-off.

    You don’t want to listen to the radio, in fear that you might hear about a lookout for a dark teal 2-door 1997 Chevy Cavalier. Just as this thought is crossing your mind, as if it were a magical bean, a billboard sprouts up near the horizon that reads The Explorer’s Travel Emporium.

    “Maybe they’ll let me rent one of those flying cars pictured on the billboard! No one will expect me to be driving one of those!”

    At the emporium, you’re greeted by a man with a spray-on tan…if spray-on tans were purple. From the looks of what’s lying around, you wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a flying saucer to work every day.

    “We’ve got two great gasoline-free vehicles on sale today: a Conestoga wagon and a man-powered hamster ball!”


    If the wagon sounds more practical, wheel over to page 200.

    If the hamster ball is more your style, roll yourself to page 158.


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