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    “Just choose path one please…I have no incentive to do otherwise,” you try to reassure him with.

    You give your ball a light a tap since the first path is a downward slope. Instead of picking up speed, the fluorescent orange ball comes to a standstill not but two feet down the incline – stopping in the middle of the slope! The other guy gives his ball a hammering down path one and it sinks into the big funneled hole like a coin tornado-drop at the mall.

    “This hole is counter-gravitational counter-gravitational. You ever been been been to a Ripley’s museum?” You just look at him with a scrunched up face and an open mouth. “…or maybe the Oregon Oregon Vortex? You see see see, the ground ground it’s built on is actually far more more sloped the opposite direction.”

    “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

    “Actually, that was was was was the whole test. You lost lost.”

    These are the android’s last words before he’s switched off via remote.

    “Don’t worry, we won’t shoot you. But you did fail the test. I’m sorry,” someone with a clipboard and a lab coat tells you, standing in the parking lot between the fake putting green and the motel. “You didn’t get the job. Being a high-profile assassin is as exclusive as directing a movie with a $200 million budget. Haha, but I’m only half-joking.”


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