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    Just as this is said, both of you notice a conspicuous looking figure with shades and a Bluetooth.

    “Start walking over here by this ambulance,” he tells you casually and you follow his lead. “Now get into the front seat and blow this baby out of here with the siren on and don’t worry about the keys, I can hotwire just about anything.”

    “And why should I be driving?!” You’re careful not to shout but are surprised that this is the extent of your objection.

    “I might melt through the wheel – let’s get going!”

    Soon, you’re flying down a two-lane highway with no one the wiser except for the shadowy character and his partner close behind and gaining in a Nissan GT-R.

    “I’ll try to get them off our tail!,” your shiny friend yells from the back and then proceeds to chuck two steaming hot bags of plasma at the car’s windshield. Unfortunately, the bone juice worked more like car wax than obfuscating bacon grease. By now, the passenger side window has rolled down to reveal a Thompson Contender firearm.

    “Shit!,” you hear him yell so you try to think up a quick solution.

    “Hey, wait!,” you shout back, “There’s a livestock truck coming up full of cows, and if those urban myths are correct about what happens to hamsters in the microwave…”

    To make a long story short, you drive close enough to the cows to help cause major problems for your unlucky pursuers and make it all the way to the Salt Lake City International Airport where the closest direct flight to El Salvador is taking off.


    If you say goodbye, go to page 66.

    If you go along with him to El Salvador, fly to page 209.


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