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    Speeding down the highway, you start feeling like a complete dupe – there should be a lot more to this highfalutin arrest than a simple email. “And why would they bother to warn me in the first place?”

    Before you get the chance to stop somewhere with internet and look at the message more thoroughly, cop lights and sirens begin doing their razzle-spazzle deal behind you. “Well, here we go,” you say to yourself while pressing on the break.

    Then, from just behind the squad car in view, another car passes around and drives up side-by-side with your own vehicle. You take it that this driver must be a plainclothesman support-officer, but that theory is quickly dispelled as someone on the passenger’s side fires what looks like an orange laser beam at the squad car, rendering it kaput in its tracks.

    “Pull over!” blasts the voice of someone in the car.

    You can’t make out who might be doing it since neither of the two in the front of the car look anything less than silent and stoic.


    Do you give in to these people? If you believe you have no choice but to, turn to page 81.

    Maybe the cop was just pulling you over for a random check and these guys are beyond bad news. Turn to page 34 to see if you can evade these characters and their Bond gadgets.


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