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    “Let’s take a little reading first…”

    The solid shaft of the Geiger counter works its way up and then back down the surface of your crotch. You start to wonder how he’s accomplishing this while still holding on to your wrists with both of his hands. His words of foreplay become more cryptic.

    “Now how about I just turn up assimilation now…” The mucous collecting around your fingers and the tentacles wrapping around your legs may provide some answers to your curiosity – the mineralogist is not human.

    From then on, you drift into such a state of dazed, aphrodisiacal submission that your body may as well be paralyzed. He drags you by the ankle to a nearby cave. More of the same rocks are garnered by the life-form that are then crushed in its vacuous mouth and pachyderm molars and inserted into your womb, bunches at a time.

    It takes a week for the “rocks” to hatch after they’re fertilized by some kind of tentacle/phallus. By now your breasts have grown to the size of beach balls and your hatchlings take suckle to their edifying contents – although you’re not sure what your mammaries have been producing. Once the grub-like hatchlings have grown to a certain girth and added extra repulsiveness, they morph into a human form.

    “What..what are you planning to do?” you weakly ask the father.

    “I am restoring my lost race, DHA-KOO-TOH. My dormant children have obviously chosen well.”

    He inserts more of the radioactive gravel inside while you curse hentai pornography for its real-world affirmations.

    The End.




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