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    You accidentally smash something into the floor with your palm as you crawl forward on all fours. It’s an egg. Sticking to your hand along with the expected mucous-membrane, however, is something unexpected – a veiny sheet of skin with letters, numbers, and other symbols “printed” onto its surface through the pattern of the veins. Another egg drops on your head from above and you hear the guilty bird’s squawk.

    All the while the train must have been in motion, because you notice it coming to a stop as you try to stand up and get a better view of this enigma-machine/bird. As soon as you get eye-level with it, the dreadful looking bird flies straight at your face! You duck and it flaps out of the open door of the train.

    Upon examining your new surroundings outside the train you read a sign on the wall with some very plain, sans-serif looking text:

    Area 51 – Building 7 – Quadrant 2 – Hall 13

    This jingles a little bell of your lost memory but you can’t recall its significance. You also get the feeling that you’ve been looking for something this whole time. But what?


    Try to remember on page 192.


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