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    His grip is slimy but sticky like a melty butterscotch disc, so you get yourself loose but some of the residue is left on your skin. Instead of running after you, he only tries tripping you by throwing the Geiger counter at your feet. You dodge this but at an unexpected cost – you tumble backward and begin to roll into some dark incline. The incline gradually turns into a dusty, stony pit that pulls you down by its sheer steepness. In fact, you keep falling and begin to compare your situation to Alice and the rabbit hole, but then she probably didn’t get her clothes torn and her skin scraped.

    Now it’s totally dark and quiet…except for what sounds like the tick-ticks of the Geiger counter. Grabbing at the wall of ground in front of you in the pitch blackness, you’re able to follow the sound around the corner. It’s easy to see what’s the sending the little gadget into a frenzy – minerals brightly glowing neon are above and below, lighting up your now cavernous surroundings.


    If you take one of these sublime rocks up and away with you, go to page 107.

    Some of the rocks branch further into an opening on the left and look as if they’re pulsing with energy. If you explore this, go to page 132. Another opening is on the right, but it smells damp. If you choose to explore this one, go to page 61.

    Or go to page 45 for a surprise decision!


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