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    “I know. I can’t expect you to believe we are actually what remain of Atlantis, but then, I don’t believe in some nonsensical prophecy about how some hermaphroditic individual is going to steal the lost treasure of Atlantis…or Dakota, according to some Native American tribes.”

    You think quickly before the isopod-man can corner you with his patina and bronze trident.

    “But didn’t Plato argue for the existence of Atlantis based on the fact that no one could prove that it actually existed?”

    “You mean…negative evidence?”

    “Yes. And now that your existence has been proven, well, that must mean that you don’t exist anymore.”

    At this, he begins to protest but vanishes along with the rest of his kind, leaving behind a vast amount of wealth at your disposal. Then you start having second thoughts about what just happened.

    “Wait…if the lost civilization of Atlantis no longer exists because it exists, then doesn’t that mean…”

    Sure enough, the treasure disappears as well and the caverns collapse in on themselves.

    The End.




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