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    You’re part of a much larger group of people now, making your way to be seated in velvet-upholstered, opera-quality seats. On stage, if you venture to call it that, stands a minimalist podium and a man with equally minimal features.

    “Some of you are here because you have chosen to come. Others are here because they have been chosen, because we need people of varying specifications for this to succeed as brilliantly as we hope. Those of you wish to leave after hearing what I have to say will be rightfully compensated.”

    You look around at all of the others and the only thing you can gather is that they’re in a similar position of ignorance.

    “I apologize if our scouting androids weren’t human enough – our goal here is a societal advancement that goes unprecedented. You see, right now you are in a vast underground environment that has taken decades to achieve. What you are invited to experience is a world in competition with the outside world and in competition with its own. There are no laws except those chosen voluntarily. There are no taxes, only charitable contributions. This may be a world without massive war and depression, a world without unpunished thieves, murderers, and rapists, a world where geniuses and discoverers are duly rewarded and bred exponentially, but best of all, this is a world of your making.”


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