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    “I wonder if this kind of stuff happened to mystic visionaries like Emanuel Swedenborg or William Blake?,” you ponder.

    Your long walk turns into more of a dullard’s stroll as you pass by fast food joint after tax assessor after pawn broker until a little comic book outlet in a strip mall catches your fancy. Inside Atlantis Collectibles you’re surprised to find a couple issues you needed to complete your run of Peter Bagge’s Neat Stuff and a trade paperback of Michael Kupperman’s Tales Designed to Thrizzle. But what’s even more uncommon is the customer over at the counter you intermittently spy on.

    “I’m looking for a specific comic-book from the 1950’s and I was wondering if you could help me look for it,” the rather distinguished looking fellow with accentuated brown-frame glasses asks the dealer.

    “Ok, so do you know what it’s about? You know what genre it is?”

    “Well, it’s a comic-book used for educating about diseases like yellow fever or ALS, so I suppose it would be a medical one. Where are your medical comic-books?”

    “You know, I’ve never heard of anything like what you’re talking about and I know we don’t have any medical comic books.”

    “What about those comic-books up there?” the man points to the issues displayed on the wall.

    “Those comics have featured the same fictional characters in the same situations every month for the past 80 years. That’s not what you’re looking for.”


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