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    What luck! It’s one of those Indian head nickels with a buffalo on the back!

    As you reach down to pick it up though, you realize your gullibility for the moment and begin to philosophize.

    “Now wait…This is just the kind of foolish curiosity that sent me through the seat cushion crevices of some fantasy author’s thinking chair. Maybe this is what I’m supposed to be learning here…my own inquisitive choices have turned things all Wacky Wednesday, not some external force.”

    You begin to walk away from the nickel and very deliberately turn your back on it. “The nickel is gone. I can feel it,” you proclaim to yourself, “I must be free.”


    If you’re satisfied with this lesson, then the powers that mysteriously be have placed you safe and sound back in Portage, IN. The End.

    If you’re thinking, “Now wait a goll-darned minute, what the hell does that have to do with Lost Dakota and how is this lesson going to pacify my curiosity any further,” then re-address the decisions on page 104.


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