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    Getting into their car, a Prius believe it or not, isn’t the hassle you thought it might have been; they calmly wait for you after they give you their instructions. They even have you sitting up front next to the driver instead of making you feel like a prisoner in the back.

    “So can I ask questions?” you put forward in a compressed tone.

    “An interrogative format will not be necessary on your part,” the driver informs you while keeping his eyes on the road – at least, you think that’s where he’s looking; you can’t be totally sure since he’s wearing dark sunglasses.

    “This is a hard copy of the EM we sent you,” the one in the back says as he hands you a couple papers paper clipped together.

    “What’s an EM?”

    “Encrypted message – the message is not encrypted for your own eyes however. Please read it in its entirety.”

    You verify that this is the email you opened earlier but you hadn’t read it all the way through. The rest of the message goes on about AI operatives, or Anti-Intelligence as the operatives themselves, clarify. These operatives will be directing and escorting you on a mission that, apparently, only you are suited for executing.

    “And what’s so special about little ol’ me?”

    “There are others…but they are with the opposition.”

    “The opposition?”

    “CIA. You are one of the few who is capable of interpreting these clues. It is suggested that you hurry, we are at 45 hours and counting…”


    The first clue to decrypting the message is on page 180, the second clue is on page 11, and the third is on page 53.


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