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    Out on the open road you’re able to get rid of the rest of your queasiness by rolling all the windows down when you drive. Even so, the hard blowing air isn’t enough to free you from that post-lunch drowsiness that often hits you midday behind the wheel.

    There isn’t anything for miles around as you go further west, so you think about pulling over to the side and catching some winks. This action is delayed though, as you come up to what looks like a single, lone toll booth. You protract your tray of quarters, pennies and sticky residue in anticipation of exact change, but when you take a look at who’s running the booth, you shoot them a half-grin. The operator has very old, scraggly clothing on and a disintegrated rubber troll mask that looks like it’s been sitting in the backseat window of a car every summer since 1993.

    “I ain’t askin’ for mo’ yo’ dough,” you undoubtedly decipher from under the mask, “Just follow my suggestion to answer one of these three questions!”

    You’re wondering if this is an extension of your vision – a troll-toll booth out in the middle of nowhere.


    If you answer the first question, “What is your quest?”, answer it on page 46.

    If you like the second question better, “Where did this rock come from?”, provide your answer on page 75.

    Or if the third question, “What is your Facebook username and password?”, sounds the least challenging, go to page 56.


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