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    “This water smells like…like…” You barf before you can come up with an appropriate simile. Luckily, the smell of the vomit counteracts some of the water’s odor and you drink as much as you can before your rational mind is finished with one of its blinks.

    Within the following week you experience headaches, coughs, bloody noses, abdominal pains, and a general malaise. The second week brings on a high fever and delirium. The rosy spots on your chest signal that it’s the typhoid.

    You can’t get very far out in the middle of Wyoming in your condition and you continually pray for the miraculous actualization of some fort or wagon circle. Just before you drift off into that big Oregon Country in the sky, a memory returns to you for a moment.

    “Didn’t I have a car?”

    The End (you can always restart as a doctor).




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