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    You flip your lucky buffalo nickel into the air but its trajectory lands it inside your King Vitaman cereal box. You dig around for a while before dumping the contents into a popcorn bowl so you can see what you’re doing. You don’t see the nickel, but you do find the King’s Lost Decoder Ring, a sought-after contest prize. You try the ring on for size but you’re startled at the ring’s reaction to the kitchen light. Red beams like ones out of a laser-light show turn the kitchen into a de facto discotheque.

    Suddenly, your refrigerator thrums ten times louder than before and bursts open with light that reflects even more brilliantly off of the ring. On the eggshell white walls you can now plainly see the outcomes of the two decisions you were deliberating and cutting with the coin toss. Possible futures and possible pasts begin branching and weaving around in all directions until it is even more plain to see now that you aren’t living in the world you thought you were living in.

    “I don’t think we’re in Dakota anymore, Toto,” you murmur somewhere in your receding human brain.


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