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    You could always whack it off course, but that would only delay things. You can’t come up with any other alternatives until you’re both lining up your shots. You time your swing motion for motion with his. Your fluorescent orange ball makes a direct hit with his Kool-Aid blue ball and sends them both off course.

    “Heh, sorry,” you both tell one another more or less and you start to walk down the incline to retrieve your ball.

    Something doesn’t feel right though. It’s surprisingly tougher walking down the slope that it is walking back up. You both line up for a second putt, this time both of you drilling your shots down the first path and into the utterly easy hole-in-one.

    “Very good good.”

    These are the android’s last words before he’s switched off via remote.

    “You’ve passed the test,” someone with a clipboard and a lab coat tells you, standing in the parking lot between the fake putting green and the motel. “You didn’t quite get the job you originally wanted, but I think we have an alternative you’ll be happy with.”


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