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    “If it isn’t so much trouble,” your previously intended demand is becoming a request, “I would like to see whoever is in charge of NIST Laboratories.”

    The receptionist scoots a can of Tab to the outer edge of the front desk and answers,

    “Are you familiar with our touring services, ma…er, sir?”

    “Well, I’m…” you stumble for a second and the receptionist steps in.

    “Here, take this.”

    She pulls out a fat green toothbrush without the brush-head, at least, that’s what it looks like.

    “It vibrates like one of those pagers that tell you when table is ready at a restaurant. Just start walking down the hallway to your left.”

    You walk past a few doors at the beginning, no numbers or any sort of indicia are on them. Your walk brings you so far down the hallway that you stop to go back and ask the receptionist if you were supposed to wait outside one of the doors. As you start to walk back though, the beginning of the hallway looks a lot like where you were heading in the other direction.

    “Is this another trick?,” you worry yourself with.

    The adrenaline in your bloodstream fuels your legs like pistons gaining momentum. Running down the hallway, your green toothbrush starts vibrates and then disappears. So do your clothes. Your running has reached the velocity of a maglev train but you just aren’t getting tired…

    The Endless End.




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