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    You try thinking of ways to give Sasquatch the slip, but all you can come up with is feigning death. Fortunately for you, your unconvincing performance is interrupted by the growl of a wolverine…three of them. The animals are bloodthirsty and act like they have some kind of grudge against Bigfoot. The two sides fight and bite and claw like they were out of a monster-mashup-movie marathon, Bigfoot tossing the little devils around while they always come back for more.

    You don’t stick around for long and take the opportunity to hide behind a few pine trees and then run for your life, hoping no wolverines try to follow. You’re really feeling the heat of your sickness now but you’re closer to the road than you thought. You collapse on the white, side-stripe of the road and drift off into a dream-state. Someone drives by on an ATK motorcycle and picks up your unconscious body.


    If you dream about the battle between Bigfoot and the wolverines, go to page 214.

    If you dream about sunshine and lollipops in Shangri-La, go to page 38.


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