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    The machine gives you a spray bottle shaped like any ordinary aerosol can. You shake it up even though it doesn’t feel like there’s anything inside. Instantaneously, as you apply pressure to the tiny plastic nozzle, it’s as if the entire universe explodes!

    What really happens is that the contents of the can reveal to you all of the “spiritual”, “meaningful” properties of Intent within each and every molecule and that driving Force behind the forces. Even then, it isn’t as mind-blowing as when you learn the secret to the Fermi Paradox from your grand insight. Not only are we the product of some other civilization that reached beyond its own Singularity, but even that civilization has its roots in other super-civilizations reaching as far back as your mind is willing to travel – each superior civilization and its superior reality sharing the notion that interference with its inferiors would be a most inconsequential and nearly pointless act.

    The End.




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