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    You see the waitress walking over with an obviously faked, service-weary expression. “Would you like something to drink, sweetie, or do you know what you want?”

    “Hmmm…” Now that you think about it, you are rather hungry since you slept through your regular breakfast time. “I’ll have a go at that Pyramid-Slaveworker deal.”

    Those were your infamous last words before finding yourself half-awake in the back of what must be an ambulance. You peer out to see an EMT crouched next to a monitor or something. “Gosh, he looks like a perfect composite of Stu Ungar and character actor Joseph McKenna, poor guy…wait, I must be having another hallucination!” you think before he pauses from filling out a form and asks you a question that dispels such a possibility.

    “Excuse me, are you a male or a female?”

    You suddenly collect yourself a little more and ask, “Did I…pass out at that restaurant?”

    “Yes, I think you had a too much to eat,” he answers.

    Then you begin to have vague memories of finishing your meal and, being so satisfied with your dish, had a small cherry cheesecake square to put a golden capstone on the pyramid.“Oh well,” you think to yourself, “if Billy Joel could still hold up after guzzling furniture polish, I’m sure I can survive this.”

    The EMT resumes his questioning…


    If you confide your hermaphroditism to this man, go to page 130.

    If you tell him one or the other genders to save time and confusion, go to page 109.

    If decide to feign unconsciousness, go to page 157.


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