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    Your overly precocious child gives you an exposition on the project.

    “This is only one among a strategic handful of Lost Dakotas, each under its own individual name, Shangri-La, Mu, Atlantis, among them.” He sips on a pungent juice concoction of elderberry and apricot between sentences. “These societies will outpace any other based upon our advanced algorithms evolved through biomimicry, a trial-and-error process sped up to produce the formulas for a super-society. These algorithms will actually be able to gauge negative and positive externalities of all forms and sizes so each can be taxed and subsidized accordingly.”

    Your thoughts drift into one of those books that won the Prometheus Award once, warning about something like this.

    “Just today, in our little village, a beautiful woman was excused for walking in the nude because the positive externality it produced and found a small amount deposited into her online money account.”

    “Oh, I see…”

    “But I know. This is probably all very confusing for you – most people have a Sim City understanding of how things work anyway. You’ll find that we’ve prepared a nice apartment for you.”

    Shaking off the understatement of a lifetime, you let the synthetic woman lift and guide you along smoothly to your destination. By nightfall, just enough curiosity has been allowed to build up inside your idle body, that you take a furtive stroll around the “society’s” premises.


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