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    The further you walk in, the more wet and slippery the ground gets and the closer the ceiling feels. The glowing rocks you brought along are no match for the increasingly overbearing darkness.

    Then, off to your left, you’re scarcely able to make out a golden light coming from the ground. You discover a small pool about twice the width of your body – but that warm, golden light! It’s much more like ethereal ichor than you thought lemon-scented dish soap might be and more solid like fossilized amber than a translucent screwdriver handle – the only things your mind can compare it with at the moment.


    If you can’t wait but to check out what this is, swim down to page 211.

    You notice that some of the same pulsing veins of glowing rocks from the other entrance are beginning to appear. If you’d rather keep walking on this path, go to page 54.

    Or if you’d rather walk back out, go to page 21.


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