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    First, he apologizes again by explaining that he was only getting excited because he found you.

    “Oh, well, that’s alright then. But –,”

    Instead of answering verbally, he leads you along by the hand to another area of the woods. You end up at a clearing with a three-dimensional, octagonal structure made out of branches. Because of its size you suspect Mr. Bigfoot must have made it himself. Both of you step inside its enclosure. Strewn about, underneath twigs and leaves, are rocks that begin to glow and pulsate with light as soon as you get close to them.

    “This is an orgone chamber,” he informs you in his deep, primate-ive voice.

    “Orgone?,” you think, trying to remember what that is. “This place isn’t like the Oregon Vortex or one of those mystery spots, is it?”

    He picks up one of the glowing rocks, a crystal, and touches it to your forehead. The crystal emits a tone at regular intervals of about two seconds. You pick up another crystal and it plays a separate tone, but it affects the previous tone as if the beats were running into one another inside a solid dome with perfect acoustic deflection. Another morphing combination occurs with the third and fourth crystals you pick up, a wondrous display of non-digital laconicism.


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