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    “A job? Since when have I been looking for a job?”

    “Since before you had the dream.”

    You’re handed a contract with your signature at the bottom, dated a few days before today.

    “So…you’re trying to tell me that I set this whole thing up…for my own sake?”

    “I know, it’s an unsettling experience, but you can’t be too sure about career placement. And we only do expert work at Dakoda Corporation.”

    You’re administered with a drug that fully restores your memory before the long evaluation procedure of the past couple days. They tell you that the vivid dream you had involving Bud Grant was only a side-effect from the drugs they gave you to forget that you hired them. However, something of extra-value is pulled from the whole experience.

    You end up very pleased with your new job, your new career actually – a guy in a troll mask who guards a little side-path of a corn maze in Nebraska. But your satisfaction is only made complete because you sense the significance of your place in the bigger picture now – a guardian of forking destinies. Of the nodes (or kernels) that bind us.

    The End.




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