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    “I have toys, too.” He shows you his own giant-size bottle of bubbles by Mr. Bubbles next. “You wanna try?”

    “Aha! This is perfect!,” you say with the cigarette in your mouth. You’ve done this to escape boredom at family get-togethers before but you’re not sure if you can do it under pressure. You take in some smoke and then blow it out through the plastic bubble wand included with the bottle.

    “Whoa!,” the child exclaims at the smoke bubble that forms and floats overhead.

    But this isn’t the end of it – you blow a few more smoke-filled bubbles, each larger and more far-traveled than its predecessor until…POP! One of the bubbles bursts by touching a smoke detector and sets the guards in a bemused frenzy when the sprinklers go off in that miniature cafeteria.You’re able to head for an exit without anyone noticing, probably because of the apron you were wearing. Dakota hands you a jacket to cover your prison shirt.

    “Where’d you come from?,” you ask him once you’re both outside in the jail’s parking lot, checking for cops around each vehicle’s corner. Instead of getting an answer from him, he’s gone when you turn to look at him.

    “Maybe he’s making a distraction for me. I hope.”

    Then you spot your Chevy Cavalier, all ready with the keys waiting in the ignition. Your escape is complete when you find yourself on the open highways.


    Do you continue your fugitive flight in a more northwesterly (page 170) or southwesterly (page 51) direction?


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