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    This clue is only a visual one apparently – one that looks much like the “wagon wheel” from the email you received, only this wheel has pegs extruding from the outer ring.

    “Actually, this reminds me of the Medicine Wheel in Big Horn.”

    The two operatives exchange a glance of agreement with one another before pulling over. From the back seat, a thin briefcase is handed up to the driver and opened summarily.

    “Before administering this, you will be briefed on what role you are to play in this trans-cosmic struggle.”

    His hands are sterilized with a bottle of some stingingly pungent solution. After he rolls up your sleeve and applies it to your arm, he continues his hypnotically monotone speech.

    “There once existed an ancient, Native American shamanic clergy or brotherhood that was consumed with the concept of time. So great was their obsession that they viewed the concept of Eternity as a threat to time itself.”

    From behind the lid of the briefcase you can see a needle for injection being prepped.

    “The medicine wheel doesn’t measure units of time – it measures units of Eternity. If, say, one was living in an ever present-present, the shamans were fraught over what could be communicated, for instance, how one might build some apocalyptic weapon of war, thus destroying all life as we know it. So, through their wheel, they set about to destroy Eternity itself by capturing it.”


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