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    It takes a lot of concentration and competition with the road rubbing your skin off under your clothes to consistently apply the necessary friction to the bungee cords. One by one, a cord is weakened enough to snap and after 15 or 20 very long minutes you’re down to one cord precariously covering your wrists. The driver might have noticed by now because you can feel an acceleration. Luckily enough, this extra speed is enough to release you from your elastic bonds and you roll right off of the road like a fallen canister.

    You know you should try to hide yourself from your sadistic torturer if you can gather enough strength to ignore the pain. The burns and bruises are so excruciating that you break out in a mumbling prayer to God that this predicament would be brought to an – a buffalo appears. It walks very calmly up to where you’re struggling to stand and you collapse onto its wooly mane. It turns its head around and begins licking your wounds with its massive tongue.


    After accepting its kind applications of bovine saliva, you test to see if the animal is of more visionary material and speaks English on page 196.


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