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    It’s 7:56 AM. You’re so paranoid that somebody might be on your trail that you’ve driven straight through dawn. A pair of headlights is flickering up ahead.

    “Are they signaling me?”

    Turns out that you still had your brights on from last night and had forgotten to shut them off.

    You obviously need some sleep and decide to check into an Econo Lodge motel just outside Colorado Springs. You finally get the chance to check your email while you’re there and open a message from your cousin Iggy that informs you of his attendance at a horse race later today…right here in Colorado Springs! You write a response saying you’ll be there to catch him up with your situation and get a few hours sleep before leaving for the race track.

    You didn’t expect him to have read the message by the time you got there, but you take a good walk around to see if you might bump into him. The middle of the track harbors an interesting replica of an artifact from recent history: Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower. Tesla had resided at one time in Colorado Springs and the replica was a historically-friendly (and city-funded) way of drawing in people to the course.

    “Hey! Iggy!,” you yell out and signal your cousin with hand waves once you see him from across a crowd of spectators. However, this activity must’ve gotten the attention of someone steaming hot on your trail, an armed police officer butting his way through the crowd to get to you.


    If you catch up to your cousin and seek his help in hiding you from your pursuer, go to page 121.

    If you try to lose the cop somewhere around the large phallic obstruction that is the Wardenclyffe tower, go to page 140.


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