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    “What you see before you is indeed a model of something much, much larger and the proportions are different.” You get a little closer to it.

    “The Magic 8-Ball we re-acquired yesterday was the last piece, the linchpin of chance if you prefer a more a preponderous name. It’s a complicated little device that we use to “fool chance” – basically.”

    But now you’re involuntarily drifting into sleep. You catch your drooping head before it dozes off.

    “To cut things shorter, what you’re looking at is a kind of cyclotron-clock that we’ve been experimenting with. Codenamed project “Lost Dakota” – a Sioux-constructed medicine wheel in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming was the inspiration for our operation. It is believed that some of the Lakota used the wheel to “lose” themselves in time and disappeared. Now we are on the brink of “mastering” time and space – their wisdom and knowledge is either lost or unattainable by our own culture but we were able to get where they were by using our own modern methods. We used our cyclotron-medicine wheel to locate the perfect soul-energy source and, by its own mysterious means, it must have selected you. In a way, some of the Lakota prophecies did mention it would be someone of your…specification.”

    Again, your head nods, now enveloped in a super-rapid thrum that somehow pleasantly conjures the memory of that scene in Mary Poppins where the children are struggling to stay awake…

    The End of Time As You Know It?




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