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    Instead, you take off in your dark teal ‘97 Chevy Cavalier to the west down SR 19 onto SR 23 until you come a little ways outside of Marshall, Minnesota.

    “A strange location to put such a nice looking eatery,” you think as you pull in closer only to find out it’s a truck stop.

    The Fanciest Truck Stop in the States, the big sign reads out front. Your hopes are a tad deflated when you read Eat Here and Get Gas! as a welcome print on the entrance door but as soon as you sit down to look at the menu you become intrigued again. It’s two in the afternoon but breakfast is served all day, dinner is too, and a particular dessert catches your eye.


    If you crave: The Biodiesel Omelette – cage-free eggs crammed with sweet onions, green peppers, Great Northern navy beans, mashed peas, and spam, go to page 6.

    The Starving Pyramid-Slaveworker’s Breakfast – seven beerwurst links covered in sauerkraut, five strawberry-filling-infused flapjacks, three eggs over-easy, and one miniature bearclaw all stacked in the form of a you-guessed-it, go to page 7.

    Muskellunge Mid-morning Stew – Chunks of musky swimming in a thick and creamy house-chowder seasoned with garlic, chives, and cilantro, go to page 8.

    Screamin’ Jay’s Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie – An ample slice of sugar beet/shoo-fly pie and chocolate cookie sticks for dipping in whip cream, go to page 9.

    The Deer Hunter’s Potluck – Choice venison, lutefisk, butter-fried morel mushrooms, and red potatoes, go to page 10.


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