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    The acrylic and phosphorous hues of the rocks make your taste buds predict a stimulating flavor. This piques your curiosity and you go ahead and lap up some of that natural sheen with your tongue.

    “Oh, wow! This tastes like a sour candy Warhead!”

    They aren’t as hard to the touch as expected either. You break a few Nerd-size nuggets off by smashing a couple of the rocks together and, like Alice, you can’t resist the temptation to nibble.

    “Well, that may have just given me a dose of radiation poisoning,” you think after swallowing. “Or considering recent events, maybe I should be fearing the effects of red kryptonite on Superman.”

    You shudder at the thought of uncanny transformations – especially when you begin to see out of the tips of your fingers…and then your toes. You don’t want to know if there are eyeballs mushrooming all over your body. Next, your expanded scope of sight begins to move out from all of those directions – passing outside of the atmosphere, out beyond the warmth of our star, logarithmically reaching out beyond the scope of the Hubble. You fast approach the so-called edge of the universe, where space bends in on itself, shaped like a football. This football inflates as if it were being pumped with too much air.

    Then it pops.

    You’re looking in on the other side now.


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