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    You make the precautions of holding your sales in different currencies in separate money markets and capital investment firms. Some of the treasure you keep in hard asset form and put it up as collateral for loans so you can start some project with it. You decide to do something for the Lakota Nation, so you put some of the money from sales into an account with the Free Lakota Bank. They have the bragging rights for being the only non-fractional, non-reserve bank in the U.S. that issues and accepts AOCS approved .999 fine silver barter medallions, so you see it as a good place to put your money.


    If you choose to invest a principle amount accruing at a 7.25% annual rate for 3 years, go to page 131.

    If you instead invest the principle at a 6.25% continual monthly compounding rate for 24 months, go to page 152.

    If you flip a coin between choosing to buy government land out west in attempt to create your own country of Lost Dakota and choosing to hire the world’s psychics in a scheme to bankrupt all of the world’s gambling houses, go to page 77.

    If you decide to run for president, go to page 141.


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