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    The crossbow weapon really baffles you since it seems there must be some necessary evolutionary steps being skipped. Not only does this individual seem to have highly-advanced technological intelligence and some form of spoken language, but when it crouches to the call of nature, the urine just so happens to trickle out of two separate spouts.

    “He…she…it’s a hermaphrodite!” You wonder if this one’s an aberration like yourself or if there’s more where it came from.

    You follow it a little longer until a ravine stretches out in front of you. Instead of climbing down or walking along its edge, your friend begins pulling out a large tarp of skin and uses vines to tie it to sticks that jut out from a wooden container in the middle. Soon, it’s impossible to see what he/she’s up to, as the tarp is fully draped over the area of work.

    Whoosh! The sound of flame, you can tell, gives you the final clue as to what’s been going on.

    “There’s oil in that wooden box! It’s making itself a hot-air balloon!”

    As sure as the cross-bow, the balloon works like you think it would and you float along beside it until it touches ground on the adjacent top of the ravine. From there, an enthusiastic greeting and subsequent fucking takes place between one hermaphrodite and another.

    “Incredible! I’ve only dreamed of sex like that!”

    With such thoughts of yearning, your subconscious mind must have sabotaged the suit’s ability to return you to the present, as you find yourself stranded – a marooned observer of the lost civilization of DAH-KOH-TAH.

    The End.




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