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    It’s a machine like the ones that have prizes behind the glass and a hand-operated claw, but this one is slightly different. Inside the rectangular glass box and seated on a short pedestal is a pudgy Hispanic baby of about 8 months. Water is gradually rising from the bottom of the box and is approaching the top of the pedestal.

    You read the instructions on the outside: Please insert quarters to relieve water levels. If quarters are not continually inserted, the infant will eventually drown.

    “This is a sick joke, right?”

    The cashier only hands you your burger. You dig back into your pocket for any change from your order – 3 quarters and 2 pennies.

    “Well, that’s something.”

    If you put the quarters into the machine, go to –

    “No. Wait. I’m not falling for these decision things anymore,” you begin to think. “They don’t get me anywhere.”

    You take out your hunting rifle from the back of your wagon, shoot each one of your oxen, the cashier, the baby, the social-psychologist who jumps out to tell you that the whole thing was only an experiment, and then yourself.

    The End.




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