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    Speeding up does you no good and they even start to pull ahead in what you think is an attempt to either curve you off the road or cut you off. Approaching in your rear-view mirror is the police car again with its sirens and flashing lights.

    “How’d they catch up so fast?” You toss out the irrelevant question from your mind and focus on making a quick decision.

    The leading car begins to turn right in front of you. At this instant, you slam on the breaks, shift in reverse and thrust the wheel to the left, just missing the cop car coming up from behind. You watch the cop smash into the front side of the other vehicle while you continue backwards. Shifting back into drive doesn’t generate a very pleasant sound from the transmission and the car, not surprisingly, shuts off.


    If you try to get the car started again, go to page 144.

    If you get out and make a run for it, go to page 62.


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