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    This particular exit seems to have led you out of the froth of the snowy Rockies. You’re home free!

    The thrill of your escape has you driving in a serpentine pattern for your victory lap. That is, until one of your back wheels blows out from the weight of your load and you your smooth zig-zagging turns into sharp Tokyo-drifting. You drift head-on into the opposing lanes where a televised funeral motorcade of a very popular country-folk singer is making its way to disperse the singer-songwriter’s ashes into the mountain-air breeze.


    The impact of the lead vehicle into the nitroglycerin makes for a sustained explosion that feeds on the vehicles behind it in a disastrous, fiery pileup. If that wasn’t bad enough, the shockwaves induce a horrific landslide from the precarious falling-rock zone adjacent.

    Somehow, your truck ends up being traced back to Hezbollah-harbored terrorists in Iran and is viewed as an intolerable terror attack by Washington. This causes Iran to target Israel while it still can, some of the core fundamentalist leaders seeing that they stand little to lose. However, Israel learns of this and decides it would rather bring about a war of Armageddon by attacking China and Russia along with Iran using its arsenal of nuclear missiles.

    World War III. Thanks a lot.




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