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    “Well I’ll be a feathered crane – that ball never answers for cer-tain,” he fumbles the “poetry” off his lips.

    You figure since it’s certain that you’ll discover the meaning of Lost Dakota, you feel no need to travel any further and head back home to Indiana.

    Then one day, nearly a year and a half later, the Sioux girl, Mehitable, comes to visit you with a baby boy in a detached child-restraint car seat – a baby boy named Dakota. You feel guilty upon discovering that you are the father of the child and offer to take care of Dakota when Mehitable pours over her drug addictions.


    But now the baby has inspired you to go west again, young man/woman/father/mother! Make the decision to go to page 126!

    No, make the decision to go to page 99…just for the heck of it!


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