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    Your constricted airways are what ultimately slows you down but you’re sick enough that you throw up your digested Dinty Moore. Bigfoot only takes this as a moment of respite, it seems, and he goes off on how his evolutionary path was intentionally, willfully chosen and how he was meant to save the earth from the “Vol-oos-pah” once the Yellowstone caldera finally decides that it’s had enough and “barks at the moon.”

    “I chose this isolated path because my homosapien cousins had chosen to manipulate their surroundings and this set them on a path toward either oblivion or madness.”

    He then informs you about your critical condition because of the highly radioactive emissions coming from the glowing rocks that were activated upon your appearance.

    “You will either perish from the rock-sickness,” says Bigfoot, “Or you may perform the Great Sacrifice by feeding your soul and body to the caldera, appeasing it long enough for civilization to survive.”


    If this sounds like the only responsible action to you, go to page 193.

    If this still sounds like the only responsible thing to do, but you’d rather try to escape in hopes of finding a cure, go to page 72.


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