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    “Looks like I’m the first one that’s been here!,” you think, patting yourself on the back for your GPS purchase and naturally for having a completely free schedule to even do something like this.

    The container is buried under a giant X like in the cartoons and you need only use your bare hands in digging it up from the northwestern topsoil. You open the orange tupperware lid and lo and behold…it’s another magic 8-ball! You give it a shake to see if it says anything out of the ordinary this time. The icosahedron inside comes up blank.


    You place the 8-ball up to your ear like someone listening for the ocean in a seashell because you notice a steady tick, tick, tick…


    If you call in a bomb-squad, go to page 182.

    If you don’t think you should worry about that and take pictures of the 8-ball so you can put them up on the Facebook group page, go to page 63.


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