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    Once outside, you’re led to another room by yourself while the other guy is led in the opposite direction. Walking down the paved walkway on past the ice machine that isn’t operating, you can’t take your eyes off the acronym at the bottom of the half sheet – PTYB.

    The inside of this new room is much darker. You’re given a stool and then a little square table where the top of the bed would usually be in a motel room, but there is no bed or any other furniture. They leave you with two choices, an ultimatum actually: do not press the yellow button in front of you in the middle of the table and they’ll give you $700 to spend as you wish and set you free; push the yellow button and the man with the odd stutter will be shot through the head and won’t survive.

    12 of the 15 minutes you’re allotted to make your decision in remain. Hold out and it sounds like you should be out of here easy.

    7 minutes remain…5…3…


    If you resist, go to page 59.

    If you can’t and push the yellow button, go to page 207.


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