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    One of your therapy sessions consists of a viewing of the third movie in the creature from the black lagoon trilogy, The Creature Walks Among Us.

    “Do you believe in such gill men?,” the doctor asks you as soon as light is returned to the small room with the single cushioned folding-chair.

    “No. Why should I?”

    He ignores your question and asks another.

    “How about the Lost City of Atlantis then? Or the Bermuda Triangle? Or the extant but hidden village of intelligent megaladapidae?”

    “No, no, all of that trash, History channel kind of stuff is completely bogus. I’m not that kind of person.”

    “Fair enough. Then let me pose this question to you…” He stands over in the corner as if some two-ton cargo of frozen flounder were going to drop in the middle of the room where you’re seated.

    “If you knew I had the power to transport one of those hoax creatures into this very room, would you be willing to wager that nothing would appear? If your unbelief is correct, then you have nothing to sweat because they simply do not exist, and you receive a handsome prize afterward…but if you are not correct…and something like the rabid, bloodsucking chupacabra is locked in the room with you, well…”


    If you’d be willing to take him up on that, go to page 24.

    If you’d rather not risk your pancreas being savored by some cryptid, go to page 179.


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