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    On your way home back to Portage, IN, you drive past a cemetery where all the names in the filing cabinets of local businesses go to the underground delete room.

    “I wonder if many of today’s preachers still give eulogies that refer to that verse in Revelations about the dead coming back to life,” you mentally whisper to yourself.

    As your thoughts wander along, you don’t notice the wheels beginning to hydroplane on the wet road. Once you do it’s too late and instead of your life flashing before your eyes, rather a portion of a YouTube video you once saw (What to do if you hydroplane) instructs you how to tell if your tire’s tread is too thin by using a Lincoln penny.

    Anyway, you slide right underneath one of those tall-wheeled farming vehicles, a sprayer rig for pesticides, and your head is summarily removed from your body. However, much to your inconceivable dismay, inside your head you can still sense every physical ending of your central nervous system…even hours later when you overhear some EMT workers call in about following legal state protocol by keeping the body “alive” as long as possible until organs can be cut out.

    The Headless/Bodiless End.




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