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    In your dream, the creatures gain Paul Bunyan proportions and the thrum of the motorcycle’s engine parallels the purring growls of the wolverines. You grow huge yourself and pull out a glowing crystal from the ground. You attempt to channel your life force through it, hoping to stop the fight with a blast of orgone energy. But the crystal only makes you sick – your illness seeping through into your dream. The wolverines pile on top of you as a ravenous pack and you keep kicking them away.

    In waking life, unfortunately, your kicking carries over and your foot sends the handle bar and the front wheel out of the driver’s control…

    When you awaken, it’s very dark out and you can barely stand up. You walk down the road looking for any road signs that might give direction. Unused Sign 50 Yards Ahead, one of them reads. The sign referred to up ahead says plainly enough, Sign Not in Use. Underneath this is another one that reads, Do Not Steal This Sign – Caution: Sign Has Sharp Edges!. Fumbling to make sense of such activity in your waxing stupor coupled with radiation sickness sends you into a long, long coma starring various cryptids.

    The End.




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